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L.M. Montgomery is well know for her Anne of Green Gables series, but I have recently begun reading some of her less known works.  She produced quite a collection.  Last year I read Jane of Lantern Hill (a charming read, with a heart warming ending), and just now finished The Blue Castle.  What a great book!  It has somewhat of a somber tone, but hope lurks around each bend in the storyline.  It is the story of a young, unmarried woman destined for a lifetime of loneliness and sadness (homely looks and a rigid mother are the backdrop for this gals less than satisfying life).  She copes with the darkness of her days by fantasizing about life in her imaginary “blue castle”.  Ironically, a grim diagnosis from a doctor leads this woman down a path to brighter days.   How many days she has left to soak up this new found joy is always in question, but it’s well worth it to see her story through to the end.


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The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery

Jane of Lantern Hill by L.M. Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery


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I love used books.  So, of course, I had to go to the library book sale today.  For $17, I came home with all of this:

Can’t get much better than less than $1 a book, especially when they are in very good condition.  AND the money goes to support our local library, which is a nice bonus.

Even though I have to pay more than a $1 a book, I also enjoy used book stores.  My husband and I came upon a beautiful one in our neck of the woods, and thoroughly enjoyed a quiet afternoon of browsing.  He walked away with a Tracy Kidder book, and I found this…

At over a thousand pages, it’s a bit of a commitment, so I’m still working up the courage to begin.  Although, there IS rain forecasted for this week, so it may be the perfect time to start!

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I try really hard to finish one book before I begin another, but that rarely happens! This is the stack I’m working on right now.

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Some friends of mine were discussing their admiration for the works of Jean Stratton Porter, yet again; and I was able to purchase a collection of her works for dirt cheap on my Nook, so a few weeks ago I decided to give Miss Porter a try.  It’s not one of her more well known titles, but I began with A Daughter of the Land.  It took me a while to finish it because I had to stop halfway through due to my frustration with the main character (I’m embarrassed to admit that a fictional person annoyed me so much!).  I’m still not sure what I think of Kate Bates, but she did work her way into my heart and I was rooting for her as I would a loved one who aggravates you one moment and whom you delight in the next.

For the first few chapters, I thought I was reading a straight forward piece of fiction that would take me from introduction, to climax to conclusion on a clean, straight path to the last page. Instead, I was taken on a  roller coaster ride of emotion, as the main character walked down dark side street after dark side street before reaching her final destination. Every time an issue resolved and things were looking up for Kate, another tragedy was awaiting her around the corner.  Many pages left me sad and depressed, but there was a hope and resolve in Kate that made me want to see her story through to the end. The thing that most impressed me about the book was the growth and evolution of the main character.  While her core nature remained in tact throughout, her experiences molded and matured her in a visible way.  While I probably won’t return to this story again, I did appreciate it’s honesty, and admired the author’s development of the main character.

Books mentioned in this post:

A Daughter of the Land by Jean Stratton Porter

The Essential Gene Stratton-Porter Collection (10 Books) available on the Nook Reader

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