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I’ve been enjoying going through a Joyce Meyer devotional on my iPhone, so I decided to check out one of her books from the library.  I went with this one:

It took me a few chapters to get used to Mrs. Meyer’s tone and style, but I ended up really enjoying the book.  The book is full of insightful information, as well as, practical guidance for controlling one’s emotions (as opposed to letting emotions control you!).  I especially appreciated that she included a one or two sentence “decision and confession” at the end of each chapter that serves as an easy to remember summary of what was covered.  For example, “I will quickly and freely forgive those who hurt me.  I refuse to ruin my life with bitterness”.  I found the book to be very helpful, and would highly recommend it.

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Living Beyond Your Feelings by Joyce Meyer


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Library Favorites

These are two of our favorite books to check out from the library.

Shows the true meaning of making pancakes from scratch!

A charming story with great illustrations.

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Pancakes Pancakes by Eric Carle

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses by Jan Brett

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A Beautiful Book

While traveling in the Yosemite area this summer, I came across this book:

Lovely both in text and in illustrations, this book tells the story of a Sequoia tree as it grows through time in what is now Yosemite National Park.  In conjunction, the author tells the story of several important  world events that would have occurred during the trees different phases of development.  The bottom of each page has a timeline depicting a variety of interesting people and events.  My children enjoyed the book, and I  enjoyed reading it to them!

Books mentioned in this post:

The Tree of Time: A Story of a Special Sequoia by Kathy Baron

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